[Air-L] NYT journalist request for youtube expert

jose marichal marichal at callutheran.edu
Thu Mar 25 11:23:18 PDT 2010

I thought this might be of interest to some of you.

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Summary: need new media expert to give analysis of a youtube celebrity

Name: austin considine (The New York Times)
Category: Entertainment and Media
Email: query-6ke at helpareporter.com
Media Outlet: The New York Times
Deadline: 11:00 PM EST - 23 March

I'm looking for an independent media critic -- preferably based
in New York or Los Angeles -- to comment on the rise of Shane
Dawson as one of YouTube's biggest celebrities. A
university-based PhD would be perfect. Ideally, I need a source
who has some sense of how the YouTube community has evolved over
the years, and who has at least a passing familiarity with its
"Partners" program, how it works, and (if possible) what kinds of
ad revenues it's been known to generate for individual


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