[Air-L] Q: Twitter text logs?

Liz nwjerseyliz at yahoo.com
Tue Mar 16 13:13:11 PDT 2010

I see two options you could use:

1) There are some hashtag-related websites that collect Tweet "chats" that are organized around particular topics where a hashtag is used (such as "prchat", "educhat" "jounchal", etc.). You could examine the discussion that occurs over time from a particular set of user who are employed in a field or interested in it.

2) Alternative, you could decide to use Friend Feed instead of Twitter. The advantage of FF is that it archives Tweets that are forwarded over there from Twitter & it is public. I can go back to 2008 in my archive of Tweets using the FF search feature. The possible disadvantage is that is a smaller group of users, mostly bloggers & early adopters, and doesn't reflect the current userbase of Twitter which is younger & more diverse ethnically & geographically.

Liz Pullen
nwjerseyliz at yahoo.com

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