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                          M/C - Media and Culture          
            is proud to present issue two in volume thirteen of

                                M/C Journal

                    'ambient' - Edited by Luke Jaaniste

Ambience is all around us. Wherever we are. Conditioned as we are as
being-in-the-world, we are always surrounded. A surrounding that affords
meaningful pathways and places of action and thought, that is intelligently
geared up with us. The fundamental surroundings might be the earth itself,
upon which multiple worlds, spaces, zones, nets, webs, districts, precincts
and the like occupy our lives, as we occupy them.

Ambience can be contrasted with salience. What is salient is what is of
immediate interest and attention. Before us right now, taken up. Hopefully,
dear reader, these words you are reading have particular salience for you.
Right now. But when something is taken up in our field of attention and
action, there is so much that remains, always already there, in the
background, in the periphery, in the ether, in the air. So when Brian Eno
famously coined the term 'ambient music' in the 1970s - and triggered off a
whole raft of terms like ambient video, ambient art, ambient architecture,
ambient tv, ambient media, ambient marketing, ambient journalism, ambient
computing, ambient screens, ambient poetics and ambient literature - he was
doing something a little odd. Making ambience salient. In his music and in
his discourse about it.

Ambience has been palpably in place, since the dawn of time, but as way of
talking about the world is helps gear us towards the all-around and how so
much of being human is conditioned and affected by our surrounds, in a age
when place and place-making has changed in dramatic ways, locally and
globally. In this issue, we ask: what ideas and interaction take place in

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M/C Journal
Vol. 13, No. 2 (2010) - 'ambient'
Table of Contents

The Ambience of Ambience
	Luke Oliver Jaaniste

Ambient Thinking: Or, Sweating over Theory
	Alison Bartlett

Ambient Anomie in the Virtualised Landscape? Autonomy, Surveillance and
Flows in the 2020 Streetscape
	Bruce Arnold,	Margalit Levin

From TV to Twitter: How Ambient News Became Ambient Journalism
	Alfred Hermida

Oblique Strategies for Ambient Journalism
	Alex Burns

The Constant Murmur of Data
	Pau Waelder

Populating the Ambient Space of Texts: The Intimate Graffiti of Doodles.
Proposals Toward a Theory
	David Allen Ensminger

“A little bit more mysterious…”: Ambience and Art in the Dark
	Natalia Radywyl

Faith Tweets: Ambient Religious Communication and Microblogging Rituals
	Pauline Hope Cheong

An Ambience of Power? Challenges Inherent in the Role of the Public
Transport Transit Officer
	Christine Teague,	Lelia Green,	David Leith

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