[Air-L] Material for Attention Currencies in Gaming Ecosytems

Arun Menon arun.kid86 at gmail.com
Sat May 8 01:27:53 PDT 2010


I am working on a paper examining attention currencies in gaming ecosystems,
with a focus on attention as a mediating currency between real and virtual
gaming currencies. I was looking through material by Goldhaber and Davenport
and was wondering if there was any material examining these concepts and
their application in gaming ecosystems particularly MMORPGs and perhaps even
something on Goldfarming - already looked through Dibbell, Nakamura,
Consalvo and Castronova in this regard.

Are you aware of any work/research being done in this area around MMORPGs?
or around gaming ecosystems that examine virtual economies in relation to
the time, labor, production, and investment in MMORPGs?

I was looking for a copy of "Online Game Interactivity Theory" by Markus F,
its out of stock in India and would be too expensive to order. Does someone
have an Ebook version of this book? I would really appreciate it if you
could kindly mail me the same.

Any other suggestions or advice would be very helpful

Thanks in advance


Arun Menon
arun.kid86 at gmail.com
twitter : @arunuik

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