[Air-L] #ThingsBlackPeopleDo is number one twitter trending

live human.factor.one at gmail.com
Fri May 21 21:05:26 PDT 2010

It's an interesting tag, this #ThingsBlackPeopleDo
Mostly invoked by (if pictures are indicators) primary by black  
Some evocative, some ironic racism, some culturally self-referential.

Any thoughts on this current organic real-time global conversation?  
Part of some of whole, yet individualistic.
Where's Barry, would love to hear his thoughts on this.

Example tweets:

netty2189: #thingsblackpeopledo call each other nigga and think its cute
less than 20 seconds ago from TweetCaster · Reply · View Tweet

Upt0wntruths: #ThingsBlackPeopleDo own maddddd jewlery ...regardless  
if you live in the projects
less than 20 seconds ago from Echofon · Reply · View Tweet

JessicaLXY: RT @Sugarscamp #thingsblackpeopledo Go "mmmm-hmmmm" with  
pursed lips and eye roll << mmmmmm-hmmmmm!!! lmao.

LilRalphLauren: #thingsblackpeopledo Become the president of the  
united states of america!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Twin2388: #ThingsBlackPeopleDo learn how to become track stars when  
they hear a gun shot
6 minutes ago from Twitterrific · Reply · View Tweet

Kenni329: #thingsblackpeopledo Start immature dumb trending topics  
like this that make them look like ignorant fools! C'mon, can we get  
it together?!


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