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Press Release
November 4, 2010

DiscoverText: Easy-to-Use eDiscovery Software
Studying Facebook Gets Easier

AMHERST, MA - Texifter, LLC announces the launch of DiscoverText, a next
generation Web-based text analysis software application. DiscoverText
increases users’ ability to reveal and use information previously buried in
email archives, social media content, and other large electronic document

DiscoverText is the first easy-to-use, Web-based, crowd-sourcing platform
that enables researchers to login using Facebook credentials (the “Open
Graph” API) to immediately archive, search, and intelligently classify
thousands of posts and comments on Facebook.  Inferences gleaned via
DiscoverText can be used to diagnose customer complaints about products and
services or to identify new avenues for innovation. According to Vivek
Bhaskaran, CEO of Survey Analytics, DiscoverText “has the power to
dramatically transform the text analytics marketplace.”

Stuart Shulman, the CEO of Texifter, argues researchers (government,
medical, legal, market, and academic) can benefit from the powerful
collaborative tools and work flow delivered by DiscoverText. “Our software
allows legal researchers to quickly search and organize pages of legal
documents; marketing firms can more effectively use consumer information to
position products; medical and pharmaceutical companies can better hear the
natural voice of patients; and government agencies can sort, read, and
rapidly respond to FOIA requests or public comments, even when they number
in the hundreds of thousands of pages.”

DiscoverText allows users to extract specific information from large volumes
of text documents, such as email archives. Users can also merge previously
dispersed and unconnected data from a range of electronic sources, such as
public posts on Facebook and other social media sites, generic RSS blog and
news feeds, Twitter tweets, emails, PDFs, Microsoft Office documents and
open-ended survey responses.

Unlike many existing text analytics software packages, DiscoverText is a
completely Web-based cloud computing platform. There is no software to
install. With a full-featured 30-day free trial, anyone can log in and start
to discover the text that is most important to them.

Users either securely upload files to DiscoverText or transfer them via a
robust and extensible application programming interface (API). Once
ingested, documents go through a semi-automated, human in-the-loop process.
DiscoverText can remove duplicates, identify near-duplicates, cluster
similar items, generate tag clouds, and speed the redaction of sensitive,
confidential, classified, or potentially offensive information before
circulating or posting. This process helps users organize information for
further analysis, creates value from previously unknown insights, and saves
hours of monotonous eDiscovery work.

CONTACT: Stuart Shulman, President & CEO, Texifter LLC, +1-413-230-1255 (m)
DiscoverText - “Unlock the Power of Text” - http://discovertext.com
Featuring the Facebook Open Graph API

Texifter, LLC is a spin-out company based on 10 years of National Science
Foundation-funded university research. The company received Phase I NSF-SBIR
funding in July 2010 and recently completed a round of seed funding. Initial
customers include the FCC, USDA and USFWS. Federal agencies may obtain
Texifter's FISMA-compliant version of this cloud-based software with a
GSA-approved Terms of Service agreement directly through our business
partners AEEC, LLC. AEEC holds an 8(a) STARS GWAC.



Stuart Shulman
President & CEO
Texifter, LLC
413-230-1255 (c)

*Featuring the Facebook Open Graph API*

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