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jeremy hunsinger jhuns at vt.edu
Sat Nov 6 16:37:07 PDT 2010

> *** apologies for cross posting***
> I thought many of you would be interested in the ‘Contained Memory Conference’ happening in Wellington New Zealand on 9-11 December 2010.  
> http://www.containedmemory.org.nz/
> Contained Memory is a project of international significance that will connect interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary perspectives in a discourse on memory. It has attracted leading thinkers and practitioners from around the world who are responding to the theme. 
> Cultural, theoretical and disciplinary orientations represented in the conference include: anthropology, archeology, architecture, art history and criticism, communication studies, cultural studies, customary knowledge, ethnography, film/video studies, fine/visual art, geography, history, landscape architecture, literary theory, material culture studies, memory studies, museum studies, musicology, neuroscience, neuropsychology, performance/ theatre, philosophy, photography, psychoanalysis, psychology, rhetorical studies, sociology, and visual culture studies.
> For the Full Conference Programme (draft) & Conference Sessions Summary (draft):
> http://www.containedmemory.org.nz/programme-information/ 
> NEW: Announcing Organisation passes
> The conference registration is $399. Registration passes can be purchased and shared by individuals within your organization. For example, one person might attend the conference on Friday and another on Saturday for the total cost of $399. If you're interested in this option please contact Heike Ulrich at: H.Ulrich at massey.ac.nz
> Just register online by following the following payment instructions:
> http://www.containedmemory.org.nz/registration/
> For more information contact Kingsley Baird at K.W.Baird at massey.ac.nz
> Follow the Conference on Twitter #CoMem2010 http://twitter.com/CoMem2010
> ***********************************************
> Mark Bradford
> Senior Lecturer
> Massey University
> College of Creative Arts
> Toi Rauwharangi
> School of Design
> Institute of Communication Design
> PO Box 756
> Wellington 6140
> New Zealand
> T: +64 4 8015799 (extn. 62390)
> http://creative.massey.ac.nz
> http://twitter.com/cocamassey

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Virginia Tech


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