[Air-L] query: topics that don't get talked about (enough) in academia?

Ted Coopman ted.coopman at gmail.com
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Considering a vast majority of Ph.D.s will wind up in teaching vs.
research positions (as much as everyone pretends otherwise) , I would
go with the mechanics of instructional design.

• how to create/meet learning objectives
• using ICTs to manage workload
• how to create assessment (assignments, quizzes, etc).
• grading
• basic pedagogy - what the research says about what works and what does not.
• time management
• creating systems and policies to manage students and deal with
typical conflicts and complaints.
[<http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qeSdC7lbAlA&feature=share> - I think
you all will appreciate this]

I have watched many new Ph.D.s walk into a 4/4 teaching load (with no
TA help) get crushed and the main reason is mistaken idea (SOP in most
grad programs) is if you have taken a course in a particular subject
or area you can teach it. Knowing it and teaching it effectively are
not the same thing.


On Mon, Nov 8, 2010 at 7:57 AM, Nancy Van House
<vanhouse at ischool.berkeley.edu> wrote:
> Spring semester I'm teaching our on-going seminar for doctoral students that
> addresses various topics related to being a researcher and, to a lesser
> degree, teaching.
> My spring theme: topics that don't get talked about, or not enough, or not
> frankly enough.
> Some examples:
> -conflicts over co-authorship -- who's included, how names are ordered
> -conflicts among collaborators/co-authors
> -dealing with colleagues who are bullies
> -reviewing, and responding to reviewers
> -various problems with students, in class and out.  The ordinary ones; and
> the extraordinary (e.g., stalking)
> **What were YOU not sufficiently prepared to face when you first finished
> your PhD?** Or, as a PhD student, what would you want such a seminar to
> cover?
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