[Air-L] Fw: New LA Opera Requirements for Volunteers (fwd)

Monica Murero murero.monica at gmail.com
Sun Nov 21 05:03:36 PST 2010

Most of our '800 Italian Opera masterpieces are  pretty  
"revolutionary" indeed :-)

  I think that  identifying people lecturing to kids is a correct  
practice for crime prevention etc.  That said, Health-tests and body  
scan for security purposes, fingerprints vendors etc.  are growing  
"new" businesses these days.
I wonder about TB skin test and fingerprints requirements  -- these  
sound even more extreme when one reads them from Europe !
Talking about effectiveness of measures, a positive TB skin scan does  
not mean anything - most medical doctors are TB+ - only a chest X-ray  
determine current TB activity.

What  if a volunteer expert on Opera would have lectured in a virtual  
environment, accessing kids' profile information ? What measures would  
be required to lecture to kids in an online Opera class?


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Il giorno 20/nov/10, alle ore 19:08, Barry Wellman ha scritto:

> Don't understand how lecturing to a classroom of kids for an hour on  
> Tosca is working in close proximity.
> Although Tosca is subversive. As is Nabucco.
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