[Air-L] query: simple web link cluster software?

Jesper Aagaard Petersen jespaa at hotmail.com
Thu Nov 11 02:36:03 PST 2010

Hello all.

I have to do a presentation of what I have dubbed the satanic milieu online,
something I have mainly dealt with offline and on a case-by-case basis. As a
historian of religions, I have little practical knowledge about statistical
representation software, but I just had the idea of making a simple cluster
or cloud representing sites and links and so visualizing relations between
sites. This is probably way to simple for avantgarde internet research, but
it will actually push the history of religions forward quite a bit when it
comes to studying ephemeral networks of alternative religiosity.

The end-product should be some kind of cluster map. Any tips for
user-friendly programs? All tips will be appreciated, but webbased and/or
free downloads will of course be the best.


Jesper Petersen, Norwegian University of Science and Technology.

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Spring semester I'm teaching our on-going seminar for doctoral students that
addresses various topics related to being a researcher and, to a lesser
degree, teaching.

My spring theme: topics that don't get talked about, or not enough, or not
frankly enough.


Some examples:
-conflicts over co-authorship -- who's included, how names are ordered
-conflicts among collaborators/co-authors -dealing with colleagues who are
bullies -reviewing, and responding to reviewers -various problems with
students, in class and out.  The ordinary ones; and the extraordinary (e.g.,

**What were YOU not sufficiently prepared to face when you first finished
your PhD?** Or, as a PhD student, what would you want such a seminar to


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