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The issue of "pay to volunteer" is of course multiplied at least 10 fold and
perhaps more in the area of civil society particularly international civil
society where participation in civil society activities is usually
understood to be done on a user pays principle which generally involves
travel to exotic and expensive locations (the kind that paid for
bureaucrats, corporate flacks, and academics would find appealing)
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Talk about the Surveillance State Going to New Extremes.
Well, the Ring is Kinda Subversive.

This is Not a Hoaz: one of my Oldest and Dearest Friends received this.

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   From: Kelly Christ
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   Subject: New LA Opera Requirements for Volunteers

   Dear Opera League Volunteers,

   We are so grateful for the efforts and passion that you put forth as you
spread your love and knowledge of opera, especially to children and youth.
In order to continue this outreach to young people, LA Opera now requires
that any volunteer who works with children or youth on behalf of LA Opera or
the Opera League gets fingerprinted and TB-tested whether you work with
children at schools, in the community or here at the Dorothy Chandler

   To this purpose, we are having a fingerprinting vendor come to campus on
Monday, November 29th from 9:30-11:30am in Rehearsal Room 2 on the 4th floor
of the Dorothy Chandler Pavilion. Even if you have fingerprints on file with
another agency, you must be fingerprinted again for our programs. The cost
to the volunteer is $71 and you can pay at that time by cash, money orders,
cashier checks or business checks payable to Federal Fingerprinting, Inc.
They do not accept personal checks or credit cards. At this time, you will
need to fill out the attached "Live Scan Form" (copies will be available in
the rehearsal room). You will also need to bring a valid government-issued
ID. To participate in the fingerprinting service, please RSVP to Kelly
Christ in Human Resources by email (kchrist at laopera.com) or telephone
(213.972.3140) by Wednesday, November 24th at 12 noon.

   We have also made contact with US Healthworks who will be providing TB
skin tests at the cost of $20 to volunteers. To get TB tested you can visit
any of their Los Angeles area clinics.  You just need to walk-in during that
clinic's regular hours and present them with the attached "US Healthworks TB
Authorization Form."  They will give you the test and require that you visit
them again in 3 days time for a reading.

   The US Healthworks downtown clinic is located at 1313 West 8th Street
Suite 100, Los Angeles, CA 90017. They are open from Monday through Friday
from 7:00am - 4:00pm and on Saturday from 7:00am - 1:00pm. If necessary, you
can reach them at (213) 401-1970.

   Please note that there may be a clinic closer to your home. To find a
clinic near you, you can visit their website at www.ushealthworks.com. Next
click, "Find a Medical Center" and select "California" from the drop-down
menu. You can then enter your address and click "Search."  Now click on the
location nearest to you and their address, office hours, contact numbers and
more information will be at your fingertips.

   You may also visit your own doctor for a TB test. Be sure to send written
evidence that you tested negative to LA Opera's Human Resources Department
(Attn: Kelly Christ, LA Opera, 135 North Grand Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90012).
If you tested negative within the past six months, you may send that written
evidence to LA Opera HR instead.

   Please note that if you choose not to get fingerprinted or TB tested you
can still volunteer for many LA Opera and Opera League activities. However,
as of December 1st, 2010, LA Opera and the Opera League will only assign
volunteers to make school visits or participate in other activities
involving children to those volunteers who have completed these new
requirements. You will be eligible for assignments involving children as
soon as:

     a.. You have been fingerprinted by our vendor (and cleared with
California's Dept. of Justice and the FBI)
     b.. AND you have provided LA Opera's HR department with proof of a
negative TB test

   If you are not able to complete these tasks before December 1st, you will
be eligible to volunteer in activities involving children just as soon as
these tasks are finalized.

   If you have any questions, please contact Kelly Christ in LA Opera Human
Resources by email (kchrist at laopera.com) or telephone (213.972.3140).

   Thanks again for giving so much of your time, energy and spirit to young
people on behalf of LA Opera!



   Kelly Christ

   Human Resources and Operations Administrator

   135 North Grand Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90012

   T: 213 972 3140 | F: 213 972 3082 | W: www.laopera.com

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