[Air-L] Call for Papers and Participation: OZCHI 2010 Workshop on Natural User Interfaces: Multitouch and Gestural Interactions

Aaron Tan aaron at itee.uq.edu.au
Thu Oct 7 07:13:35 PDT 2010

Dear AoIR-lers,

Please spread the word about this workshop happening in Brisbane, Australia on November 22 & 23. Submission deadline is 15th October 2010.

This is a follow-up to a workshop held earlier this year in Melbourne, Australia. 



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Call for Papers and Participation: OZCHI 2010 Workshop on Natural User Interfaces: Multitouch and Gestural Interactions

This is a workshop as part of OZCHI 2010 in Brisbane, Australia.

What is the next major evolution in user interaction? Graphical user interfaces brought a new strategy that was more effective compared to their command-line predecessors. In recent years, Natural User Interfaces (NUI) have advanced user experiences and we believe multitouch and gesture technology to provide new opportunities for a variety of potential uses. How can these be leveraged in the design of interactive interfaces? Do gestures completely replace typical mouse pointers or simply augment it for some functionality? Do all applications work with gestures or only a select few?

This workshop is focused on discussing the role and nature of NUI within a variety of different academic and industry disciplines. NUI so far have been limited to technology demonstrations and research niche's, and have failed to gather a foothold in traditional environments. While specific elements of NUI have been identified and studied, there is a clear lack of design standards and practices surrounding these interfaces. Primarily, NUI suffers from a lack of context within generic user interfaces, and is reserved for systems that represent tangible objects. The goal of this workshop is to make a first step in identifying challenges and characterising NUI design obstacles.

Possible themes of interest include:

    * Multimodal interfaces
    * Robust spoken-language interaction
    * Intelligent user interfaces
    * Social interaction strategies
    * Gesture and embodied interaction
    * Conversational agents
    * Task and activity modelling
    * Environment-specific issues
    * Tangible and mobile devices

Where: Queensland University of Technology, Gardens Point Campus, Brisbane, Australia.

When: November 22nd - November 23rd 2010

Submission Deadline: 15th October 2010

Notification of Acceptance: 20th October 2010

Audience: It is expected that this workshop will be of special interest to a range of researchers and practitioners including those from areas such as Human-Computer Interaction, Interaction Design, Information Technology, Computer Science, Electrical Engineering, Information Architecture, Language Technology, Psychology, Communication Science, Auditory Interfaces, Artificial Intelligence, Cognitive Science and other related fields. Anyone interested in natural user interfaces is also welcomed.

We want to involve as many as possible in discussions, in order to encourage the development of research collaborations and to foster inter-disciplinary work. Interested parties are asked to present short papers describing:

    * research interests pertinent to the workshop theme(s);
    * design methods and processes used when working with NUI;
    * how NUI be extended to support generic systems;
    * thoughts on issues deemed to be important and potential points of interaction with other disciplines.

Submissions: Workshop participants should submit a short paper (2-4 pages) introducing their area of interest in this field using the OZCHI 2010 paper template format. The papers should focus on current research activities and/or interesting aspects of future work. Practitioners from industry should submit a case study format paper (1 page) using the OZCHI case study and industry demo format.

Submissions should be sent to aaron[at]itee.uq.edu.au.

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