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I'm using media-related readings from the following two books this semester.
The first may be too dated for you, but probably worth a look.

1997. Trajectories: InterAsia Cultural Studies. London:Routledge.
2007. The InterAsia Cultural Studies Reader. London: Routledge.


[Division of Sociology, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore]

On Thu, Oct 14, 2010 at 1:18 PM, iskandar zulkarnain <
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> Dear fellow AOIR,
> I'm formulating a syllabus for a summer course on Asian New Media. My
> particular interest is actually New Media in Southeast Asia, but for this
> class I'm widening the regional scope into East, South, and Southeast Asian
> New Media.
> So far I have collected materials from Routledge's edited collection
> *Asia.com:
> Asia encounters the Internet*, David Hill and Krishna Sen's *The internet
> in
> Indonesia's New Democracy*, Ravi Sundaram's *Pirate Modernity*, Amit S.
> Rai's *Untimely Bollywood*, and couple articles published by Berkman Center
> such as Mridul Chowdhury's article on Burma's Saffron Revolution and Mary
> Joyce's article on citizen journalism in South Korea.
> I feel that there so many other possible materials out there. So I thought
> that maybe people on this listserve could give me some suggestion about
> other texts that I should consider using.
> I include the course description of my summer course to give a clearer
> sense
> about what kind of class it is.
> Thanks in advance,
> izul
Patrick Williams, Ph.D.

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