[Air-L] Digital library/repository suggestions?

Michael Zimmer zimmerm at uwm.edu
Tue Apr 5 09:37:00 PDT 2011

Dear AIR-L members:

I'm looking for recommendations regarding smaller-scale digital library/repository platforms for personal research use.  

I have a few research projects that are going to require basic digital library functions. I want to collect/scan/import documents, and then have a nice web-based platform for indexing, searching, displaying them. The library would be publicly accessible, both for my own research, and as a resource for others. 

I've found a few open source digital library platforms that might serve this purpose: 
- DSpace: http://www.dspace.org/
- Greenstone: http://www.greenstone.org/
- Fedora Commons: http://fedora-commons.org/

Does anyone have experience with these, or other suggestions?


Michael Zimmer, PhD
Assistant Professor, School of Information Studies
Co-Director, Center for Information Policy Research
University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
e: zimmerm at uwm.edu
w: www.michaelzimmer.org

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