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Mon Apr 11 13:20:22 PDT 2011

Based on the below it would appear that there have been some 400,000+
downloads of articles from the Journal of Community Informatics (this is
probably a significant under-count since the statistics re-started at 0 in
the transition from OJS v.1 to OJS
v.2 after about 18 months of JoCI availability).

The Journal of Community Informatics as of  April 11, 2011


Journal Totals (since 2006-08-27)
Abstract Views: 197940
Article Views: 392380

(A bit more on the statistics from JoCI's tech guru Rean van der Merwe)

Hi Mike

These stats come directly out of the OJS database, and are really just an
aggregation of the same numbers you'd see on the editors page for any given

Each time an article abstract or detailed page is requested, the number is
incremented directly by the OJS system. (PDF downloads are harder to track.)

I understand from the OJS forum that seach engine and 'bot' visits are
already excluded:

These would normally be the biggest source of error in visitor stats, since
(e.g)  Google typically scans the entire site frequently.

A few bots are hard to identify, so may be included - but ditto for any
other website you see stats on.

A further source of potential overestimation would be during publishing,
when these pages are viewed frequently.

An indication of this would be the view stats on the day an issue is
published - anything from there on is 'real'.
However, if you look at the way that 'issue totals' increase over time, even
this has relatively minor potential impact.

My experience in the online marketing world, working with clients at the
level (and budgets) of IBM and BT, is that no two systems track in exactly
the same way, and tracking stats often vary by as much as 30% between

That said, the source of journal stats seems fairly reliable.



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