[Air-L] PhD course: Citizenship in the Digital Republic, IT University of Copenhagen

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Thu Apr 14 00:28:50 PDT 2011


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There is a PhD course entitled
"Citizenship in the Digital Republic", taking place May 30 - June 1,
2011, at the IT University of Copenhagen. The lecturers are: Prof.
Andrew Feenberg (Simon Fraser University), Prof. Peter Dahlgren (Lund
University), Prof. Maria Bakardjieva (University of Calgary), Associate
Professor Lisbeth Klastrup (IT University of Copenhagen), Assistant
Professor Bjarki Valtysson (IT University of Copenhagen). 

The themes
comprising the course take up the concept of citizenship in four
distinct contexts:
public participation in technological development,
design and policy,
digital media technologies and civic
digital media and citizenship in everyday life,
media and cultural institutions. 

The course is relevant to PhD
students in the areas of communication, interaction design, digital
media, social studies of technology, political communication, Internet

More information about the

you are interested in participating please follow the guidelines for
signing up in the course-description. Deadline for applications: April
28, 2011.


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