[Air-L] Online ethnography and Word Counts

Joseph Reagle joseph.2011 at reagle.org
Wed Apr 27 10:06:44 PDT 2011

I welcome any advice (off list, or on if thought to be of general interest).

In communications, most journals have a word count limit of 7-8K. Even IJoC, an online journal not limited by paper constraints, is 9K. 

I generally support word count limits, but I have a draft wherein I excerpt and reference a lot of online discourse. I started at 11K words of prose, obviously far too long. After much slashing of clumsy prose, sacrificing of interesting digressions, and paraphrasing and cutting of cherished excerpts, I got it down to 8K. However, the bibliography is still about 2K (800 words of offline -- mostly secondary -- sources, and 900 words of online -- mostly primary -- sources).

What are some options to being in such a pickle?

* Are there reputable (even print) based journals that permit ~10K?
	* Perhaps in different disciplines (related to ethnography?)?
	* Or that distinguish between prose and bibliography (i.e., one can always print the bib really small)?
* Break paper into pieces? (Always an option, but doesn't work for me here).
* Host the primary sources online, but not in article?
* Only provide URLs to those exclusively online sources. (The counts above already reflect this, and I did this in the print version of my book's bibliography.)
* ... ?

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