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> ephemera Issue on Digital Labor Released
> Digital Labour: Workers, Authors, Citizens
> ephemera: theory & politics in organization Volume 10 Number 3-4
> http://www.ephemeraweb.org
> Edited by Jonathan Burston, Nick Dyer-Witheford and Alison Hearn
> Born out of the conference of the same name held in the fall of 2009 at the University of Western Ontario, this special double issue of ephemera addresses the implications of digital labour as they are emerging in practice, politics, policy, culture, and theoretical enquiry. As workers, as authors, and as citizens, we are increasingly summoned and disciplined by new digital technologies that define the workplace and produce ever more complex regimes of surveillance and control. At the same time, new possibilities for agency and new spaces for collectivity are borne from these multiplying digital innovations. This volume explores this social dialectic, with a specific focus on new forms of labour. Papers examine the histories and theories of digital capitalism, foundational assumptions in debates about digital labour, issues of intellectual property and copyright, material changes in the digital workplace, transnational perspectives on digital labour, the issue of free labour and new definitions of work, and struggles and contests on the scene of digital production. Contributors include Brian Holmes, Andrea Fumagalli and Cristina Morini, David Hesmondhalgh, Ursula Huws, Barry King, Jack Bratich, Enda Brophy and many others. This issue also contains vital contributions from union and guild activists hailing from the Canadian Media Guild (CMG), the Screen Actors Guild (SAG), the American Federation of Television and Radio Artists (AFTRA), the University of Western Ontario Faculty Association and the Canadian Association of University Teachers (CAUT).
> The Digital Labour Group: Jonathan Burston, Edward Comor, James Compton, Nick Dyer-Witheford, Alison Hearn, Ajit Pyati, Sandra Smeltzer, Matt Stahl, Samuel E. Trosow. 
> Contents
> Brian Holmes - Is it written in the stars? Global finance, precarious destinies
> Cristina Morini and Andrea Fumagalli - Life put to work: Towards a life theory of value
> Emanuele Leonardi - The imprimatur of capital: Gilbert Simondon and the hypothesis of cognitive capitalism
> David Hesmondhalgh -  User-generated content, free labour and the cultural industries
> Barry King - On the new dignity of labour
> Jack Bratich - The digital touch: Craft-work as immaterial labour and ontological accumulation
> Sam Trosow - The copyright policy paradox: Overcoming competing agendas in the digital labour movement
> Matt Stahl - Primitive accumulation, the social common, and the contractual lockdown of recording artists at the threshold
> Michael McNally - Enterprise content management systems and the applicatio of Taylorism and Fordism to intellectual labour
> Helen Kennedy - The successful self-regulation of web designers
> Sandra Smeltzer and Daniel J. Paré - The labour of ICT4D: Whither the separation of carriage and content?
> Ajit Pyati - Re-envisioning the ‘knowledge society’ in India: Resisting neoliberalism and the case for the 'public'
> Alison Hearn     - Structuring feeling: Web 2.0, online ranking and rating, and the digital 'reputation' economy
> Edward Comor - Digital prosumption and alienation
> Vincent Manzerolle    Mobilizing the audience commodity: Digital labour in a wireless world
> Enda Brophy    - The subterranean stream: Communicative capitalism and call centre labour
> Nick Dyer-Witheford - Digital labour and species-being
> Ursula Huws - Expression and expropriation: The dialectics of autonomy and control in creative labour
> Lise Lareau - The impact of digital technology on media workers: Life has completely changed
> Mark Bradley - What about citizens?
> Mike Kraft - The singularity of intellectual property
> Melanie Mills - Information workers in the academy: The case of librarians and archivists at The University of Western Ontario
> Paul Jones - Digital labour in the academic context: Challenges for academic staff associations

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