[Air-L] 2012 Participatory Innovation Conference - Melbourne, Australia

Ken Friedman KenFriedman at groupwise.swin.edu.au
Mon Dec 5 02:25:32 PST 2011

Dear Colleagues,

This January 12-14, Swinburne University and SPIRE at Southern Danish
University join to host the 2012 Participatory Innovation Conference in

Melbourne, Australia.

This is a great opportunity for those interested in co-creation and
participatory design. I'd be grateful if you would share this with
at your university.

Best regards,


Professor Ken Friedman, PhD, DSc (hc), FDRS 
University Distinguished Professor 
Dean, Faculty of Design 
Swinburne University of Technology 


Why should you attend the 2012 Participatory Innovation Conference


 in Melbourne, Australia, the 12-14 of January? (Even if you are not 
The HOW of including diverse stakeholders into your innovation
processes is more challenging than ever.  

Crowd-sourcing, open digital platforms, peer panels, dialogue circles
are some of the potential ways in which internal and external
stakeholders can be brought into the innovation process. But how do
include them in ways that are respectful, equitable, democratic,
effective, value-adding, and fun? You will learn how at PIN-C 2012
through five distinct tracks on Indigenous Knowledge and Cultural
Innovation, Evolving Design Anthropology, Making Design and Analysing
Interaction, Organising Participatory Innovation, and Designing
Innovative Business Models.  

But that’s not all. 

PIN-C 2012 is an investment in designing your organisation’s future. 

In the future, businesses, governments, and community organisations
will require greater participation of more diverse people into
decision-making processes. At PIN-C 2012, you will be gain access to
cutting-edge practical and theoretical tools to design participatory
innovation processes that will suit your organisation and its many
stakeholders for years to come.  
PIN-C 2012 is a great value.  

It offers two and half days of exciting programming, including five
international keynotes, over 60 'dialogue-starter' presentations,
workshops, and interactive exercises; inclusive breakfast and lunches,
free Lilydale, VIC hotel and train station shuttle bus, networking
opportunities, all included in your ticket price.  

PIN-C 2012 is an exceptional global event.  
Co-hosts Swinburne Faculty of Design




University of Southern Denmark, are global educational institutions
know how to make academic research relevant to design and business.
participants from all over the world, you will share ideas with the
participatory innovation thinkers and doers from Australia, Brazil,
China, Denmark, Finland, India, Japan, New Zealand, Norway, Sweden,
and USA. 

You’ll meet amazingly diverse groups of people.  

No where else, but at PIN-C 2012, will you ever have the opportunity
network with indigenous activists, design anthropologists, designers,
interaction analysts, business managers, futurists, and
entrepreneurs—all united by a passion for participatory innovation. 

So are you convinced to join us at PIN-C 2012? Don’t wait a minute
longer as there are spaces for only 30 participants per track, visit
PIN-C 2012 website at 


and register today. 

Dori Tunstall and Jacob Buur, 
PIN-C 2012 Co-Chairs  
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