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   I wanted to alert everyone to the current issue of the Journal of
   International and Intercultural Communication which focuses on
   Intercultural New Media Research.   A groundbreaking inquiry, the
   issue/forum examines the intersection between intercultural
   communication and new media. The special issue/forum can be read and
   downloaded at no charge by clicking the following Taylor and Francis
   link: [1]http://www.tandfonline.com/rjii

   Best, Bob

   Robert Shuter

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   Director, Center for Intercultural New Media Research

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   Subject: [Air-L] CFP:_Bulletin_of_Science,_Technology
   From: Jenn Martin <[3]lists at jennmartin.com>
   Date: Sun, December 11, 2011 6:22 pm
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   The *Bulletin of Science, Technology, & Society* invites submissions
   for a
   special issue dealing with video games.
   As video and computer games have increased in accessibility, influence,
   cultural prominence, they have had a significant impact on many facets
   society, culture, and our attitudes toward technology, including
   entertainment, industry, play, education, identity, community, and art.
   the same time they have provoked both popular and academic debate and
   controversy over their perceived benefits and issues. In addressing
   claims and concerns, video games have become an important focus of
   work as scholars seek to better understand their impact on the people
   play them and on culture and society in general.
   We invite submissions to a special issue of the *Bulletin of Science,
   Technology, & Society* that further this body of work by critically
   engaging with video games and their implications. Video games are an
   subject for interdisciplinary research and discussion, as they can be
   analysed using a variety of theoretical lenses and methodological
   approaches including those of social science, anthropology, technology
   history and technology studies, media, political economy, and the hard
   sciences. Therefore, this issue is open to critical perspectives on
   games in culture and society from any discipline. Topics of interest
   include, but are not limited, to:
   - the history and progression of video games
   - video game industries (software and/or hardware)
   - political economy and economics
   - theories of play
   - issues and benefits of video games
   - players, audiences, and reception
   - gaming cultures and communities
   - avatars, digital bodies, and identity
   - representations of age, race, and gender
   - video games in education
   - serious gaming
   Interested scholars should submit an abstract of up to 500 words for
   consideration. Submissions should be emailed to Jennifer Martin at
   [5]jmart9 at uwo.ca by January 15, 2012. We aim to make decisions
   abstract acceptance by January 22, 2012. Full papers will be due by
   1, 2012 for peer review.
   Correspondence may be directed by email to [6]jmart9 at uwo.ca or by fax
   519-661-3506. Additionally, phone messages may also be left with Tim
   Blackmore at 519-661-2111 ext. 88513.
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