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I actually came across this same data several years ago ( as far back as 03) when doing my doctoral research on convergence technology when I started having headaches and Dr. Black and others have been voices in the wilderness. I actually have started going back to landlines whenever I can; I take the phone off of my person whenever I can and I place it as far away as possible; I almost always use an old school ear piece..I don't like the ones that go in the ear canal because that is not good for the ear and I have worked in studios (film, tv and radio) for over 20 years; and I turn off the wi fi when I am not using it. There is too much that we don't know and too many people like Johnnie Cochran who I had an opportunity to produce once who live on their phones. I have taken a page from my students, and I text more, or send email while plugged in to Ethernet or other sources. The headaches went away years ago when I started doing that but the electrical power lines have always been a problem even before cell phones and the cell phone towers have made things worse. In my research I found that one prominent researcher told all of his folks at one time to only use the phones when absolutely necessary or to not use them at all because of the dangers. I wish I had kept a full log of everything but I will check my online bookmarks. I love the devices but I am wary of them too because one can never trust industry to tell the entire truth when it definitely will impact profits.

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Hello Joan,

My husband is a brain cancer survivor, and his neurosurgeon is Dr.
Keith Black at Cedar Sinai.  I am also a brain tumor survivor.  We
have been keeping up on this topic as we have 3 little kids ourselves.

Children have thinner skulls, and show higher levels of radiation from
cell phones.  Additionally, and more specific to your question, there
have been reported issues from kids around cell phone towers including
fatigue, irritability, headaches, nausea, loss of appetite, sleeping
disorders, depression, discomfort, difficulties concentrating, memory
loss, visual disorders, dizziness and cardiovascular problems.  The
cell phone companies pay institutions to have cell phone towers on
their properties, including schools.  Here is a helpful link:

Here is an interview of Dr. Black (our hero) on CNN in regards to the
cell phones:  http://www.cnn.com/2011/HEALTH/05/31/who.cell.phones/index.html.

I haven't been keeping a log of everything I've read, but will send
you anything I come across.  I'd love to hear more about what you find
and help in any way!


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> Hello,
> Is anyone researching harmful effects of wireless in public domains (esp. in
> close proximity to chiidren)?
> joan
> s. ont.
> On 2011-11-30, at 10:41 PM, jcu wrote:
>> Warnings against Wireless Technology
>> http://emfjournal.com/cell-phone-ban/
>> http://hardforum.com/showthread.php?t=1565565&page=2
>> Governments and organizations that ban or warn against wireless technology
>> -- American Bird Conservancy and Forest Conservation Council: Brought a lawsuit against the FCC because millions of migratory birds are being disoriented by microwave radiation and crashing into cell towers
>> -- Amateur Radio Relay League Bio-Effects Committee: **The FCC's standard does not protect against non-thermal effects.**
>> -- Australian Democrats: The **explosion in wireless communications technology** is causing widespread illness.
>> -- Austrian Medical Association: Warns against Wi-Fi, cordless phones, and cell phone use by children.
>> -- Ballinderry Primary School, Ireland: Removed Wi-Fi to protect the children.
>> -- Bavaria, Germany: Recommends no Wi-Fi in schools.
>> -- Environmental Protection Agency (EPA): The FCC's exposure standards are **seriously flawed.**
>> -- European Environmental Agency: Recommends wireless technology be avoided by vulnerable groups such as children.
>> -- Food and Drug Administration (FDA): The FCC's exposure standard **does not address the issue of long-term, chronic exposure to RF fields.**
>> -- Frankfurt, Germany: Bans Wi-Fi in public schools.
>> -- Interdisciplinary Society for Environmental Medicine (3000 physicians in Germany): Recommends banning cell phone use by children and banning cell phones and cordless phones in preschools, schools, hospitals, nursing homes, events halls, public buildings and vehicles.
>> -- International Association of Fire Fighters: Opposes communication antennas on fire stations.
>> -- International Commission on Electromagnetic Safety (comprised of scientists from 16 nations): Recommends limiting cell phone use by children, teenagers, pregnant women and the elderly.
>> -- Irish Doctors Environmental Association: Warns that current safety guidelines are **not appropriate.**
>> -- Karnataka State, India: Bans cell phones in all schools and pre-university colleges.
>> -- Knowsley, Borough of, England: Bans cell phones in schools.
>> -- Lakehead University, Ontario: Bans Wi-Fi on campus
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