[Air-L] Looking for research on intentional networks --> Case of European Commission NoE. (Network of Excellence)

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Dear Jessica,

>> - Research on deliberately created networks (such as networking
organizations) especially using social media methods

You may want to have a look at some of the analysis that are conducted in
FP7 Network of Excellence projects (NoE).
Note: NoE are (5 years) research projects that are funded by the European
Commission to facilitate the knowledge exchange and consolidation of a
particular topic. (NoE typically involve more than 20 partners that are
mostly academic but can also include companies).

FP6 ProLearn http://www.prolearn-project.org/ (life long learning)
FP7 Stellar http://www.stellarnet.eu/ (technology enhanced learning)
FP7 Gala http://www.galanoe.eu/ (Serious games)

During these projects, some network analysis are often conducted so as to
determine the effect of these NoE to contribute in the consolidation of the
network of the people involved in investigating the topics.

Example of report generated:
D3.1 Report on the First Rendez-Vous
This report makes for instance an analysis of the effect of an offline
workshop on the social network of the people participating to this workshop.
(Note: a new report should be available soon).

The GaLA NoE (a NoE that has started only 1 year ago) is also working on
such analysis. (Cyntelix is the partner leading this analysis)

FP6 ProLearn is now finished, but you may be able to find some information
that have been conducted. (for instance by people from AAchen University
http://dbis.rwth-aachen.de/cms/research/MiCIS ). 



Thierry Nabeth

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Hello everyone!

I'm looking keywords and research on the formation of intentional networks
in entrepreneurial and other business networks (through networking
organizations, conferences, etc.):

- Research on deliberately created networks (such as networking
organizations) especially using social media methods
- How the intentions affect the structure of a network (i.e., metrics like
centrality, path length, etc.) (if at all)
- Methods for using social media to measure (especially) newly created
network ties (i.e., longitudinal studies of newly formed networks on
Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.)

Thank you so much!

Feel free to email me directly!

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