[Air-L] Tools for capturing chat

Tjarda Sixma sixma.vijselaar at planet.nl
Thu Feb 3 05:23:36 PST 2011

Hi Mette,

If you want to capture exactly what is visible on your screen iShowU  
is a cheap application that works well with a Mac. Fraps might work  
for you if you are on a Windows computer, but in the free version the  
Fraps logo will be captured as well. You can find a (30 days?) free  
test version of  iShowU on the web.

But there are also ways to log chat only. It is an option that is  
build-in in the game viewer (at least in WoW or virtual environments  
such as Second Life).

Hope that helps,

Tjarda Sixma

Tjarda Sixma MA

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