[Air-L] Technology related pictures and tweets from Tahrir Square in Cairo

Carmel L. Vaisman carmelv at gmail.com
Fri Feb 4 23:29:07 PST 2011

Good morning AoIRs,

As I am glued to the #jan25 twitter feed for a week now, I thought I'd share 
with you some of the technology related photos and tweets that drew my 

I wondered how Egyptian bloggers and tweeps keep updating from the square 
without their phone battery dying. It seems they found a solution to charge 
their phones on site, this picture was tweeted yesterday: 

Another tweep mentioned that many of the protest signs in Tahrir square 
carry the logos of Facebook and Twitter as Egyptians are aware of the role 
of these platforms in the protest. I haven't seen a picture of such a sign 
and if anyone has it I'd love the reference, but this was tweeted yesterday: 

Apparently it says "we thank you facebook youth of Egypt". I've heard this 
reference to the new generation of Egyptian youth as "the facebook youth" on 
a few occasions during this week.

To those of you interested in language, discourse and humor: twitter saw 
around 5 fake accounts of Hosni Mubarak, some are really very funny and kept 
the humor going even in the darkest hours of the clashes on Wednesday and 
Thursday. See: @TheReal_Mubarak @GMubarak @HosniMobarak @NotHosniMubarak 

Also, some of tweets that were retweeted during the first days of the 
uprising were using the language of social media to express the events. The 
ones I collected were:

@samihtoukan: The People just ousted Mubarak as the mayor of Egypt on 
@foursquare #jan25 (via @Mayousef)

@tsweden: BREAKING: Hilary Clinton 'unfriends' Hosni Mubarak on Facebook.

@kshaheen: Mubarak to change his facebook relationship status with egypt to 
"it's complicated"

@SarahZaaimi: a twitter user: Are they any anti-mubarak apps available for 
the iphone?


Carmel Vaisman
Twitter @carmelva 

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