[Air-L] Undergrad software studies seminar question

Jonathan Cohn beatnikd at ucla.edu
Thu Feb 17 20:36:37 PST 2011

dear AoIR Listers,

I am currently working on a syllabus for an undergraduate software
studies seminar. While I have been able to find essays that perform
close readings on video games and digital art pieces, I have been
having more trouble with finding articles that perform similar types
of close readings on commercial software (like Microsoft Word, Final
Cut Pro, TurboTax, WindowsXP, etc).

If anyone knows of good essays that employ semiotic, phenomenological,
and/or deconstructive methodologies in the analysis of these forms of
software, I would be quite appreciative.  Also, I would love to know
if there are particular journals that specialize in printing essays of
this type.

thank you very much,

Jonathan Cohn
PhD Candidate
Cinema and Media Studies, UCLA

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