[Air-L] Workshop on "Social Media and International Development": 31 March 2011 - Manchester UK

Yanuar Nugroho yanuar-n at unisosdem.org
Tue Feb 22 20:40:43 PST 2011

   Dear colleagues,
   MIOIR and CDI at University of Manchester UK are co-organising a
   workshop on social media and international development, as outlined
   below. Please put on your diary if this interests you. Could you also
   please forward this invitation to any relevant lists that you are
   subscribed to?
   Many thanks,

   Workshop on "Social Media and International Development": 31 March 2011

   Manchester's [2]Centre for Development Informatics and [3]Institute of
   Innovation Research will host a half-day workshop on "Social Media and
   International Development" on the afternoon of Thursday 31 March 2011.

   Social media such as Twitter and Facebook has been much in the news
   recently, and this workshop will explore some of the implications for
   developing countries and international environments.  Papers will deal
   with the use of social media by civil society organisations, for the
   organisation of protest movements, and within transnational


   - Empowering Indonesian Civil Society through ICTs and Social Media: An
   Experience of Hivos Netherlands in Indonesia (Shita Laksmi: Hivos &
   MIOIR/MBS, University of Manchester)

   - Citizens in Action: Mapping Contemporary Civic Activism and the Use
   of New Social Media in Indonesia (Yanuar Nugroho: CDI & MIOIR/MBS,
   University of Manchester)

   - Conviviality of Internet Social Networks: An Exploratory Study of
   Internet Campaigns in Iran (Aghil Ameripour, Brian Nicholson & Michael
   Newman: CDI/MBS, University of Manchester)

   - Social Networking in International Corporate Environments: Innovation
   and Control (Heba El-Sayed & Chris Westrup: CDI/MBS, University of

   The event is free and open to all, but numbers are limited so please
   register by emailing: [4]yanuar.nugroho at manchester.ac.uk

   The launch will be held from 2.00-5.30pm on March 31^st in Room
   10.04/10.05 of the Harold Hankins Building (building no.30 on campus
   map: [5]http://www.manchester.ac.uk/medialibrary/maps/campusmap.pdf;
   entrance via first floor of Precinct Centre opposite the old Post
   Office; see: [6]http://www.mbs.ac.uk/aboutus/mbs-harold.aspx for
   location, travel details and directions).

Dr. Yanuar Nugroho
Hallsworth Research Fellow
Manchester Institute of Innovation Research MIoIR/PREST
The University of Manchester
Suite 6.15 MBS Harold Hankins Building
Precinct Centre, Oxford Road
Manchester M13 9PL United Kingdom
T. +44-161-275-5904
F. +44-161-275-0923
E. yanuar_DOT_nugroho_AT_manchester_DOT_ac_DOT_uk
U. U. [7]http://www.manchester.ac.uk/research/mbs/Yanuar.Nugroho/
U. audentis.wordpress.com


   1. http://www.cdi.manchester.ac.uk/newsandevents/
   2. http://www.cdi.manchester.ac.uk/
   3. http://research.mbs.ac.uk/innovation/
   4. mailto:yanuar.nugroho at manchester.ac.uk
   5. http://www.manchester.ac.uk/medialibrary/maps/campusmap.pdf
   6. http://www.mbs.ac.uk/aboutus/mbs-harold.aspx
   7. http://www.manchester.ac.uk/research/mbs/Yanuar.Nugroho/

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