[Air-L] Academic replacements for TwapperKeeper.com?

Stuart Shulman stuart.shulman at gmail.com
Thu Feb 24 04:52:01 PST 2011

We have been collecting tweets on DiscoverText. For example, we got quite a
few leading up to the State of the Union:


These tweets are available for use and re-use in their raw and de-duplicated

You can try DiscoverText for free for 30 days:


Login with your Facebook credentials if you also want to scrape public
Facebook pages, but first we advise that you read what you have to agree to
to use Facebook credentials.


So far I have collected over 500,000 comments off the Whitehouse Official
Facebook page. Inside DT you can remove duplicates, run searches that create
sub-set "buckets", and assign groups of coders. We also feature tools for
measuring inter-rater reliability and adjudicating the validity of coding.

Several universities have purchased enterprise site licenses:


If your university is on this list, you can get a license key for 2011
today. If your university wants to be on the list, have your IT purchasing
agent contact me.



Stuart Shulman
President & CEO
Texifter, LLC <http://www.texifter.com/>

Have you tried DiscoverText?
*Featuring the Facebook Graph & Twitter APIs*

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