[Air-L] seek textbook recommendation on CMC

Murray Turoff murray.turoff at gmail.com
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 <air-l at listserv.aoir.org>For some wonderful reference, historical, and
foundation material for lectures you should look at
The Network Nation:  Human Communication via Computers (revised 1993, MIT
press) which can still be ordered at a very reasonable
price compared to most text books.    It provides a lot of material on work
done before CMC in many fields that was relevant as well as some ways of
thinking about the technology you will not find in most places as well as
all the very early work that most students never hear about.   The authors
were Hiltz and turoff and the original edition was 1978.   The 1993 as a new
chapter summarizing the next 15 years.   the cost benefit analysis done in
the book seems to have been forgotten and serves as a very good lecture.
So does the early related work in psychology and sociology.  The interesting
aspect were the predictions in the issue of the Boswash times that began
every chapter some of which came true and some which have not yet come
true.  It sets a nice tone for the students to try making predictions about
what might be the next prediction beyond current systems.
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