[Air-L] Tools for capturing chat

Kevin Feenan ktfeenan at knomaze.com
Thu Feb 3 06:41:35 PST 2011

Fraps produces massive files and unless you are running it in full screen
mode, the legibility of the text is likely going to be very poor quality.
Also it doesn't exactly capture "text" but rather it captures the graphics
as a machinima / video reproduction. You would have to go through and
transcribe everything (or an assistant if you are so fortunate :-). A 1 hour
fraps file can be on the order of 50 Gb depending on how it is setup. So
plan on lots of disk space if you try that route.

If you have a Second Life account the best people to check with are those
that deal with disabilities like Virtual Abilities or Wheelies as they have
a number of screen reader tools for the blind that they have managed to get
working with Second Life. There might be something there which is an option.

Kevin Feenan

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