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From: Michael Singer <singer at internetevolution.com>
Date: Thu, Jan 6, 2011 at 1:48 PM
Subject: The Next Big Thing in Internet Technology

Internet Evolution is kicking off the New Year with a quest to uncover the
next big thing in Internet technology. In the last few years, social
networking and cloud computing have changed the game. But we know there's
something else...

If you as an AoIR members think your ideas are Earth-shattering, We'd like
to talk to you about sharing your story live on IE Radio.

We are an online publication of UBM's TechWeb that investigates the future
of the Internet. Our site's centerpiece is ThinkerNet, an invitational
blogosphere where more than 180 of the Internet's leading experts and
visionaries (folks like Cory Doctorow, Andrew Keen, Larry Roberts, Craig
Newmark and Vint Cerf -- to name just a few) share their opinions about the
Internet's future in terms of its impact on science, technology, society,
the arts, business and other endeavors.

These are 30-minute conversations over the phone conducted by my
editor-in-chief Terrance Sweeney. The conversation is live and streamed live
over the Internet. They are followed by a live-chat session with registered
members of our Internet Evolution site.

We've chatted live with a lot of bright minds in the past two months. Feel
free to listen in to the archives: http://bit.ly/oFKN5

Contact: Michael Singer, singer at internetevolution.com

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Michael Singer

Senior Editor - Internet Evolution

singer at internetevolution.com

(415) 947-6346

600 Harrison St. 6th Floor

San Francisco, CA 94107

Twitter: @MichaelSinger

LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/msinger

Facebook: facebook.com/msinger1

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