[Air-L] Foreign Reporting in the Age of Digital Networks

Paulo Nuno Vicente pnvicente at gmail.com
Thu Jan 27 16:52:59 PST 2011

Dear all,

Allow me to present myself, my name is Paulo Nuno Vicente, I am a Digital
Media PhD Student in the scope of UT Austin-Portugal Digital Media Program.

I come from a background in Journalism - specially International Reporting
and Documentary. You can check more on my media work by looking at my weblog
«Digital Storytellers» <http://digital-storytelling.net/?page_id=2>.

I'm currently in Austin, Texas and I'll stay untill July, working on my Ph.D
Research Proposal. I'll be working on the changing panorama of Foreign
Reporting in an era of digital networks: production routines,
socio-professional profiles, etc.

I've been organizing a list/spreadsheet with new relevant projects - ex.
Global Post, Global Voices, Demotix, World News, etc.

I would like to gently ask you your help in turning this database more
comprehensive - since I'm not only interested in English-written/spoken
media - by alerting/suggesting  me projects/initiatives you may know.

The final objective is, of course, to publish this database so it can be
used freely as a «reference in progress». If anyone is interested, I would
be glad to turn this in a collective/peer work.

Best regards,

Paulo Nuno Vicente
journalist | documentarian | phd student
+1 5127856323

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