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Alex Tuna Amsel tuna at tunatech.com
Wed Jan 5 03:06:56 PST 2011

Hi all,

I joined this list fairly recently as I'm fascinated by the topic and 
considering studying it further at a later date.

I have noticed that games have been mentioned on a few occasionsand, if 
it's of any interest, I thought I should point out that you have a game 
industry veteran & BAFTA member on this list. I've been running a small 
game studio since 1996 - indeed, all our work at that time came from 
contacts I made over the Internet.

If anyone wants to contact me off list about anything game related, 
please go ahead.

If it's of interest to those of you who study TV + social networks, I've 
also worked on an experimental Twitter project focusing on TV & the 
digital water cooler. For my sins, I worked on how Channel 4/Big Brother 
should use Twitter in the UK, and co-ran a very successful Twitter 
'event' based around Europe's music oddity Eurovision. This featured 
leading UK comedy writer Graham Linehan tweeting & sending pictures live 
from his sofa during the event (#twumpet, the follow up to #badmovieclub).


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