[Air-L] Deaf/HOH Community in VWs

katie vizenor kvizenor at gmail.com
Fri Jan 7 04:00:57 PST 2011


I am a PhD Student in Anthropology at University at Buffalo and will soon
put together my advanced exams and topical defense.

My plan is to study Deaf and Hard of Hearing Community in VWs. My primary
site will be Second Life, but I may look at World of Warcraft as a
comparison site at some point.

My Question and Request:  Could anyone recommend articles or other materials
related to this topic?

My particular areas of interest/concern are:

Community formation and maintenance (particularly through the creation and
design of space and objects)
Relationship to other disability/impairment groups and broader "Disability"
"Passing" in game play
Activism, Protest and Resistance

Thank you so much for any and all help.  I always find the conversation and
advice here immensely helpful!

All my best,

Katie Vizenor, MA, MLS
PhD Student, Anthropology
University at Buffalo

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