[Air-L] "genres" in online reading (W. Ian O'Byrne)

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This may be useful:

Lomborg, S. 2009. Navigating the blogosphere: Towards a genre-based typology
of weblogs. First Monday 14 (available on-line:
2178, accessed 22 October 2010).

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Good evening all,

I am forwarding a query from some colleagues at Michigan State University
who are trying to identify "genres" of online information that respondents
read. This question piqued an interest of my own.

Does anyone currently know of any inventories, or previous research,
literature reviews, etc. that deals with genre of Internet resources. More
specifics are available below.

Thank you all in advance.
W. Ian O'Byrne
University of Connecticut


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*Subject: **"genres" in online reading*

Hey there,
Hope you do not mind the interruption, but there it is. I need some help.

I am building a history of personal literacy practices survey for my
dissertation and I want to have online reading represented. I have a
question about what kinds (you can read genre) of standard texts and
graphica (comics/graphic novels) does the respondent read - see the list

Have you ever seen this kind of genre list for online reading? it seems I
would need to include a different list ...??? Help.


o   Fiction

o   Current affairs or history

o   Historical fiction

o   Inspiration or religion

o   Science or social science

o   Biography/memoir

o   Reference, such as encyclopedias or dictionaries

o   Manuals for cooking, operating, repairing, or building

o   Poetry

Other type of books?

Michelle Schira Hagerman
Doctoral Student
Educational Psychology and Educational Technology
Michigan State University College of Education
schiraha at msu.edu

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