[Air-L] Philosophy/theory of the Wikipedia

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Wed Jan 19 10:10:57 PST 2011

   Visit: [1]http://www.jitp.net/
   News Item 11/19/2010: Two articles from JITP's current issue are now
   available for free.
   Examine two approaches to researching Wikipedia
   1. Adhocratic Governance in the Internet Age: A Case of Wikipedia, and
   2. The Framing of Political NGOs in Wikipedia through Criticism
   These are very fine very free articles :-)

   May I also remind AIR readers that the deadline for JITP 2011 posters
   (abstracts) and papers (full) is now 1/30/2011:




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   Subject: [Air-L] Philosophy/theory of the Wikipedia
   From: Laszlo Ropolyi <[6]ROPOLYI at ludens.elte.hu>
   Date: Wed, January 19, 2011 11:03 am
   To: [7]air-l at listserv.aoir.org
   Dear all,
   Would you be so kind as to suggest some philosophically or
   theoretically sensible studies on the Wikipedia and its related things?
   Thanks in advance for any recommendations on books or collection of
   (especially if they have online/free/downloadable versions).
   Best wishes,
   Laszlo Ropolyi
   Eotvos University
   Budapest, Hungary
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