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Hi all, I know Phoebe and have told her we got it :O)


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On 2/6/11 17:39, "Phoebe Moore" <pvm.doc at gmail.com> wrote:

> Hi! Am I sending this to the wrong email address? I've sent it twice. Yours,
> Phoebe
> On 26 May 2011 14:25, Phoebe Moore <pvm.doc at gmail.com> wrote:
>> To whom it may concern. Would it be possible please to post the following
>> to the Air-l list. Many thanks, Phoebe
>> --
>> Just after Easter, a special issue of Fibreculture journal went live,
>> edited by Dr Michael Goddard and Dr Jussi Parikka and featuring articles by
>> leading researchers in the emergent field of media ecologies Olga Goriunova,
>> Matteo Pasquinelli, Matthew Fuller, and Phoebe Moore.
>> http://fibreculturejournal.org/
>> The Unnatural Ecologies issue is a contribution to a cutting edge field of
>> contemproary media research namely media ecologies. In the words of the
>> fibreculture managing editor Dr Andrew Murphie: "the leading scholars
>> writing for the Unnatural Ecologies issue do not perfrom media ecology as we
>> have known it .... they are rewriting media ecology, exploring its limits
>> from inside and outside. In the process the Fibreculture Journal believes
>> this issue makes a crucial contribution to thinking about all media from the
>> perspective of digital and networked media. In thinking through the
>> unnatural ecologies that contemorary media make increasingly obvious, the
>> issue challenges us to rethink not only what media are, or what they do, but
>> what they might have been and what they have done."
>> Coinciding with this issue, Fibreculture has introduced a new interface
>> permitting the one click  downloading of the issue as an ePub or pdf
>> document.
>> We hope you will enjoy this special  issue and feel free to recirculate
>> (and apologies in advance for cross-posting).
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