[Air-L] Telecoms/Internet Shut Down in Nigeria

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Thu Jun 2 11:01:47 PDT 2011

Dear All,
This is important in the annals of events leading to governments shutting down communication technologies (mainly mobile phones and the Internet) for "security" reason:
On May 29, 2011, Nigeria FG secretly ordered shut down of Telecoms and the Internet in the capital city of Abuja for hours (still being determined) before and after the Inauguartion ceremony of the president-elect. There are mixed reactions to the right of government to embark on this action, given the people's right to freedom of speech, expression and of the press.

 An ongoing survey hopes to analyse (across print and new media, e.g. Facebook) attitude of the citizenry towards such un-annouced breech in the freedom of expression and right to communicate. This becomes intriguing when the President day after the incident assented the much-awaited Freedom of Information Bill.
If you have witnessed such act by your governments or any studies on this kind of government distrupting public communnication especially the new media, kindly assist by providing links and information that will be of help.

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