[Air-L] Learn to Use DiscoverText to Gather and Classify Electronic Text - Free Webinar Noon Tuesday EST

stu at texifter.com stu at texifter.com
Mon Jun 6 09:24:02 PDT 2011

   Learn to Use DiscoverText to Gather and Classify Electronic Text
   Free Webinar Tuesday at 12:00 PM EST
   To register: [1]https://www1.gotomeeting.com/register/137847889
   This Webinar introduces new and existing DiscoverText users to the
   basic document ingest, search & code features, takes your questions,
   and demonstrates our newest tool, a machine-learning classifier that is
   currently in beta testing. This is also a chance to preview our "New
   Navigation" and advanced filters.

   DiscoverText's latest additions to our "Do it Yourself" platform can be
   easily trained to perform customized mood, sentiment and topic
   classification. Any custom classification scheme or topic model can be
   created and implemented by the user. Automatic classifications can then
   be set as document filters with adjustable thresholds. For those
   following the trajectory of this software, this new set of
   functionalities represents a leap forward.

   You can also generate tag clouds and drill into the most frequently
   occurring terms or use advanced search and use combinations of text and
   metadata filters to create "buckets" of text. Next week we are
   launching v2 of our tag cloud tool which will give users considerable
   flexibility to build the visualization that best represent their
   discoveries and inferences.
   The system makes it possible to capture, share and crowd source text
   data analysis in novel ways. For example, you can collect text content
   off Facebook, Twitter & YouTube, as well as other social media or RSS
   feeds. Dataset owners can assign their "peers" to coding tasks.

   It is simple to measure the reliability of two or more coder's choices.
   Crowd sourcing with 50 coders is no problem. A distinctive feature of
   DiscoverText and its free, open source pre-cursor CAT, is the ability
   to adjudicate coder choices for training purposes or to report validity
   by code, coder or project. This technique allows researchers to report
   validity scores (% valid) alongside reliability measures (Fleiss'
   So, please join us Tuesday June 7 at 12:00 PM EST (Noon) for an
   interactive Webinar. Find out why sorting thousands of items from
   social media, email and electronic document repositories is easier than
   ever. Participants in the Webinar will be invited to become beta
   testers of the new classification application.

   -- Dr. Stuart W. Shulman [2]http://people.umass.edu/stu Editor, JITP
   [3]www.jitp.net Director, QDAP-UMass [4]http://www.umass.edu/qdap
   Founder and CEO, Texifter [5]http://www.texifter.com


   1. https://www1.gotomeeting.com/register/137847889
   2. http://people.umass.edu/stu
   3. http://www.jitp.net/
   4. http://www.umass.edu/qdap
   5. http://www.texifter.com/

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