[Air-L] New Zealand Discourse Conference - 5-7 December 2011

Philippa Smith philippa.smith at aut.ac.nz
Tue Jun 7 19:10:18 PDT 2011

Apologies for cross posting but I am aware that there are many discourse
analysts who have an interest in Internet research too.  This is a great
opportunity to visit New Zealand for the exchange of intellectual ideas
as well as a chance to see the country!  Keynote speakers are Teun A.van
Dijk, Pompeu Fabra University, and Monica Heller University of Toronto,

Call for submissions ends June 30 2011.  See: www.aut.ac.nz/nzdc3 
Kind regards
Philippa Smith
Institute of Culture, Discourse & Communication
AUT University
3rd New Zealand Discourse Conference
“Engaging with Discourse Analysis”
5-7 December 2011
AUT University, Auckland, New Zealand
Call for papers
Following the successful New Zealand Discourse Conferences in 2007 and
2009, submissions for the 3rd New Zealand Discourse Conference are
invited from academics and others interested in a discourse analysis
approach to understanding the social world.
Keynote speakers
Teun A. van Dijk
Pompeu Fabra University, Barcelona, Spain
Monica Heller
University of Toronto, Canada
The conference organisers invite submissions that focus on discourse
analysis to address theoretical, methodological or empirical research
issues in a variety of themes including, but not limited to:
Community and health
Gender and diversity
Education and learning
Globalisation and development
Finance and capital
Ideology, power and knowledge
Culture and identity
Marketing and consumption
Place, space and time
Public policy and the state
Practice and praxis
Professions and institutions
Language and communication
Work, management and organisation
Science and technology
Conference options
There are three options for conference inclusion: presentations,
workshops and symposia. Please see the appropriate guidelines below and
make your submission by 30th June 2011.
Submission guidelines
Submissions are accepted on the basis that at least one presenter must
register and attend the conference. Co-presenters are encouraged, but
they must also be registered for the day of their presentation. If there
are multiple presenters for one paper, it is important that the
presentation time is strictly adhered to.
Please submit an abstract which should be no more than 300 words in
length and a maximum of four keywords. Each presentation will be
allocated a 30 minute time slot, 20 minutes for presentation followed by
10 minutes for discussion.
Conference workshops provide an opportunity to explore discourse
analysis in a practical workshop mode. The number of workshop slots is
limited. A 500 word abstract plus a reference list should be submitted
for consideration. Workshops will only proceed if they attract a minimum
of 10 participants. The time for each workshop is 90 minutes.
A symposium is an integrated, interactive engagement between two or
more presenters and the audience. The focus of the discussion should be
a clearly identified theme that reflects an emerging issue in discourse
studies. Participants will make individual or collaborative
presentations linking their perspectives to the theme, with ample
opportunity for discussion. A nominated person will moderate the
discussion. Symposia should be designed to run for 90 minutes including
at least 45 minutes for discussion. Proposals for symposia are to be
presented in a 500 word abstract for the symposium as a whole and will
be evaluated against the following criteria:
• the relationship of the topic to the conference focus on discourse
• the range of expertise and/or points of view represented by the
Please submit abstracts by email before 30th June 2011 to
nzdc at aut.ac.nz 
Send your submission as a separate Word document and include in the
body of the email, the title of the paper and the details of a contact
author, phone and email address.

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