[Air-L] Email address at twitter for data questions

Amanda Lenhart alenhart at pewinternet.org
Thu Jun 16 19:01:41 PDT 2011

Hi Everyone,

I just got an email from my friend at Twitter, and they've gone ahead and set up an email address for academic researchers to use when they have questions about Twitter data. 

Here's the text from her email:

"We now have a dedicated email address for researchers who have
questions about how to use our API to help them get Twitter data and
use it in accordance with our TOS. Feel free to direct people to
api-research at twitter.com now; we'll be doing so with the phrase "If
you have questions on how to use the Twitter API to gather data for
your research, or what you can do with this data, email
api-research at twitter.com."

Topics we can help with include how to get all Tweets containing a
keyword, how to get all Tweets from a date range, how to get all
Tweets from a user, our guidelines around sharing datasets (namely,
don't), and how to show Tweets in your final report.

Hopefully this will help!"

Indeed, hopefully this will help. Very glad there is now this dedicated point of contact.


Amanda Lenhart
Pew Research Center
alenhart at pewinternet.org

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