[Air-L] Tagpad: Doing any interviews this summer?

Barry Brown barry at ucsd.edu
Tue Jun 28 14:19:15 PDT 2011

Hi All,

I'm a new member of this list, but I hope you don't mind my first contribution being a plug for some new software!

We've just released some software that we developed from one of our NSF projects.  It's called 'TagPad' and its designed to make it easier to conduct and analyze research interviews.  It's been designed to fit as flexibly as possible with structured and semi-structured interviews, and when it uploads the recorded audio from your interviews it splits the recorded audio by question.  You can also tag audio for quick analysis before transcription (or to support selective transcription).  It runs on the iPad.

We're looking for people to use it who we can interview and study a bit while they're using the app.  If you're planning on doing an interview study in the next few months, any chance you could help us out?

The application is up on the AppStore and it's free and pretty easy to use (if you have an iPad that is).  Happy to hear any suggestions or comments on the application too!

All the best,



Barry Brown
barry at ucsd.edu

Associate Professor, Department of Communication, University of California, San Diego
Affiliated Faculty, Computer Science and Engineering, University of California, San Diego
Visiting Professor, Interactive Institute, University of Stockholm, Sweden

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