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Trudy Barber Trudy.Barber at port.ac.uk
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There's also a romantic novel written quite a while ago with this
concept in mind.. 

Thayer, Ella Cheever (1880) Wired Love: a romance of dots and dashes. 
W.J. Johnson Publisher. 
Sounds like a really contemporary title don't you think? ( it's all
about a love affair using the Telegraph)
I also have hardcopies of some S/M style cybersex online conversations
from the mid 1980s if that helps...

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>>> James Hinton <sgtsareth at gmail.com> 01/06/2011 04:28 >>>
> Quoting Hilary W <hilarywheaton at gmail.com>:
> > I was wondering if the list's collective mind could help me with a
> question:
> > when was cybersex (here defined as two or more individuals engaging
> typed
> > descriptions of physical sex acts, emotions etc) first discussed
> popularly
> > and by whom?  ...
> >
> > Any thoughts, comments, epiphanies would be greatly appreciated :)
> >
> > --
> You might want to try a Google book search for "cybersex" limited to
> items between, for example, 1900 and 1995. Here's a link to a sample
> earch which returned 766 results: http://goo.gl/WcOF5 [Note. Google
> Book search is somewhat non-deterministic, repeated searches may
> return different results.]
> A Google book "ngram" search might also be fun ..
> http://ngrams.googlelabs.com/
> Ciao,
> Steve


It has been at least since 1985. While I can't say I have checked the
veracity of the story, and have only seen reprints, not the original,
Magazine ran a story in October 1985 titled "The Strange Case of the
Electronic Lover" by Lindsey Van Gelder. In it she details her
as the victim of a man pretending to be a woman named Joan on
CompuServe in
the early 80s who used his connection with women to lure them into
world sexual encounters. She states "Joan was sexually aggressive.
woman I interviewed reported - and was troubled by - Joan's pressuring
have 'cybersex'. This is on-line sex, similar to phone sex, in which
type out their hottest fantasies while they masturbate. (In the age of
herpes and AIDS, it has become increasingly popular.)" Van Gelder
claims to
have met Joan in 1983, but we don't know if "Joan" was active in
Cybersex at
the time already or if "she" didn't become "aggressive" until '84 or

-J. Hinton
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