[Air-L] List Submission: Cybersex?

Hilary W hilarywheaton at gmail.com
Tue May 24 21:21:21 PDT 2011


I was wondering if the list's collective mind could help me with a question:
when was cybersex (here defined as two or more individuals engaging in typed
descriptions of physical sex acts, emotions etc) first discussed popularly
and by whom?  The academic history of cybersex extends far back to the
Internet's beginnings - lists/MUDs/BBS - and was far more popular back in
the 90's than now (when seemingly questions of addiction etc take over apart
from Attwood's recent revisit).  It all seems to blur together and so far I
have Rhinegold (1991) and Turkle (1995) as the earliest and most popularly
mentioned discussions.

Any thoughts, comments, epiphanies would be greatly appreciated :)

Hilary Wheaton
PhD Candidate Curtin University

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