[Air-L] copyediting question: capitalize www?

stu at texifter.com stu at texifter.com
Tue Nov 1 03:03:23 PDT 2011

   The Internet has omniscient and other God-like attributes?

   The World Wide Web is akin to the WWF - World Wrestling Federation?

   The Internet is more complex than life itself?

   The World Wide Web is akin to the WWS - Wide World of Sports?

   The Internet makes me laugh, cry & groan?

   The World Wide Web is...

   OK I give up...as a retired journal Editor who made people capitalize
   for years, i have to admit, there is no reason to capitalize www or
   internet. as my dawter texts me all the time, capitalization (and
   spelling) is 'totally' over-rated. i guess this means the demise of the
   capitalized personal pronoun is way overdue...i'll drink to that!

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   OTOH, if there is another Really Good Reason to capitalize "internet,"
   I would love to hear it.


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