[Air-L] copyediting question: capitalize www?

Pablo Garaizar Sagarminaga garaizar at deusto.es
Tue Nov 1 03:22:36 PDT 2011

Hi Everyone,

el Tue, 1 Nov 2011 09:36:31 +0000 William Dutton
<william.dutton at oii.ox.ac.uk> decía:

> I believe you should capitalise both the Internet and the World Wide
> Web. I know this is a losing battle against journalists, but that is
> my view,

I fully agree. There's more internets than the Internet. 

IMHO, it's not like "telephone", "television" or "satellite" because
there is just one big public common internet, "the Internet", and many
private corporate internets which are not part of the Internet.

The same applies to "the Cloud" and private cloud computing services.
We can create our own cloud computing-based services ("private clouds"),
but if we provide them to third parties "as a service" (i.e., SaaS,
IaaS, PaaS), they will be part of the Cloud.

I also use "web" and "Web" in a similar way. An intranet is a web that
is not on the Web.


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