[Air-L] copyediting question: capitalize www?

Kyle Kontour kkontour at gmail.com
Tue Nov 1 08:50:19 PDT 2011

I'm inclined to think the capital "I" will gradually fall out of use, as it
should:  conceptually, we are nearly always talking about not the technical
apparatus pe se, but its concomitant cultural, social, and economic
aspects.  That is, when we think of "internet" we're thinking of how it's
populated and used, not what or where it *is* as such.  Also, as we've seen
with many dictionary definitions of words and their uses, colloquial
understandings gradually become "official" out of necessity, anyway.

For this reason I'm also inclined to think World Wide Web should remain
capitalized, because that is still specific to its purpose and origins, and
is a term that almost nobody on the internet actually uses.

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