[Air-L] Invitation to Participate

Kathleen Yancey kyancey at fsu.edu
Wed Nov 16 10:11:01 PST 2011

Apologies for cross-postings, but please do circulate widely . . . 

Colleagues and friends~~
We are pleased to issue a call to participate in the 7th cohort of the 
Inter/National Coaltion for Electronic Portfolio Research 
<ncepr.org>, an international group focusing on the learning 
fostered by electronic portfolios and documentation of same. You 
can find the application here: http://bit.ly/cohort7
This particular cohort will focus on developing criteria congruent 
with digital texts, social networking practices, and eportfolios 
themselves. We believe this work will help us develop assessments 
responding to the affordances of eportfolios, and we believe it 
may be helpful to institutions working on various forms of 

I'm happy to take questions offlist, and I hope you'll consider 
joining us.
kathleen yancey
kyancey at fsu.edu

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