[Air-L] question re research on hostility towards women in online communities

Alejandro Tortolini alemtor at gmail.com
Tue Nov 22 07:47:59 PST 2011

Hope this helps, its a general list about women and
agression/discrimimation in virtual worlds, all available as free pdf on
the internet:

My Second Life as a Cyber Border Crosser
Carleen D. Sanchez - University of Nebraska-Lincoln, United States

Avatar & maintenance of the self: An exploratory study on avatar
customization & gratifications - Keunmin Bae - The Pennsylvania State

The price of ‘man’ and ‘woman’: a hedonic pricing model of avatar
attributes in a synthetic world - Edward Castronova - CESIFO Working Paper
NO. 957 - Category 4: Labour market - June 2003

Knee-High Boots and Six-Pack Abs: Autoethnographic Reflections on Gender
and Technology in Second Life - By Delia Dumitrica and Georgia Gaden,
University of Calgary, Canada - Vol. 1. No. 3 - ISSN: 1941-8477 - “Cultures
of Virtual Worlds” - February 2009.


Alejandro Tortolini
Scitech journalist - Teacher
Buenos Aires - Argentina

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