[Air-L] Call for Participation in iConference 2012 Online Dating Workshop on February 7

Christopher Mascaro cmascaro at gmail.com
Wed Nov 30 12:47:05 PST 2011

Online dating sites are a unique laboratory for understanding human
relationship initiation, development and self-identified success. To date,
online dating research has been scattered across disciplines.  An
integrated, interdisciplinary view of how this most basic human activity
occurs through technology is now required.  The iConference is an ideal
venue for initiating this discourse, since the community itself is
interdisciplinary.  This workshop is targeted for the online dating curious
researcher; those who are interested in beginning research in the area or
who may have ongoing research that may connect to online dating.

We have established a preliminary framework of areas that deserve further
research based on a review of existing literature and current work that we
will be presenting at the iConference. We hope to address the following
areas that we have identified or other topics of interest to participants.

   1. *User motivation for joining online dating*
   2. *Profile Attributes*

   1. *Information seeking behavior of individuals *

   1. *Communication activity on the website*

   1. *Access mechanisms for online dating sites*

   1. *Social media utilization for due diligence of online dates*

   1. *When do individuals stop*

We ask that you express your interest to attend the workshop no later than
December 15 by emailing iconferenceonlinedating at gmail.com. We also ask that
you provide a brief abstract (*A few sentences*) detailing your interest in
online dating or how your research applies to the topic no later than
January 15, 2012. While neither of these are required, providing this
information will allow for the development of an appropriate workshop
agenda geared towards the interest of participants. All iConference
workshops are free with registration. The only requirement for attending
our workshop is to register via the iConference2012 website at

We invite you to visit: www.iconferenceonlinedating.com for up to date
information along with a detailed agenda as we get closer to the workshop.

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