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Anders Fagerjord anders.fagerjord at media.uio.no
Thu Nov 3 03:18:55 PDT 2011

Den 3. nov.. 2011 kl. 10.07 skrev joana ro:

> I am in the process of publishing a book about blogs and would like  
> to use
> not just screenshots, but also individual photos taken from the  
> blog. These
> photos were more often than not, taken by the bloggers themselves  
> and might
> be considered theirs in copyright terms (although there is nothing to
> indicate this in the text itself).
> What are your experiences with publishing this sort of material? How  
> did
> you proceed? Did you ask the bloggers for permission? Any tipps?

The need for permission will depend on intellectual property law and  
photography law in the country you publish. Is this a German  

Under Norwegian law, you would in most cases need to ask the  
photographer and any identifiable persons in each image for their  
permission, although there are exceptions.

I have contacted a few Web site owners earlier, and both response  
times and whether they want (large) pay varies a lot.

good luck!


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